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Truck is a highly skilled professional greeter for Ashworth Law Firm. His skills include but are not limited to: lounging, relaxing, loud water slurping, tail wagging, sleeping, scratching, groaning, snoring and making you smile. There are not enough words to describe the importance of having an effective office dog. Truck has mastered the art of “hello.”

After having perfected the art of greeting his family at home, Truck decided it was time to take the next step and join Rob’s team at the office. While lounging at home during the day was generally relaxing, Truck simply wasn’t satisfied socializing with Rob, Sloan, Cullen, Wilder, or the neighbor Joe Baugh. He needed more. He started making a fuss every morning after breakfast, signaling to Rob that he was ready to take the plunge into office dog training.

After careful consideration, Rob decided Truck could come to the office on trial basis. Turns out, Truck was a master of making people smile. There wasn’t a man, woman, child or agent who didn’t love his wagging tail or firm paw shake. Thus, his esteemed office dog career began, making him the most popular team member at the firm. If you are looking for a law firm with a relaxed environment, lots of laughs and a professional tail wagger, come see Truck at Ashworth Law Firm. You will not be disappointed. And, If you see him meandering through the office, feel free to give him attention. He doesn’t get enough at home.